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I have been absent from this blog. On the scrapping front, I am really really sorry that I have nothing to share. I always believe in God’s timing and I think this is His way of telling me that my priorities have to be re-adjusted for the time being. Since A3’s arrival, the boy has been given significantly lesser attention. Amongst the three children, he probably requires the least since he is neither attending primary school (thus not needing help in schoolwork) nor needs to be nursed regularly.
A regular trip to the playground and a simple fall on his hands resulted in an elbow fracture. I had dismissed the injury initially as something less serious like a dislocation when I first saw his injury and was cool about it especially since the usually- whiny boy stopped crying after 10 minutes and was very brave through all the rough handling and examination at A&E. In short, he needed surgery and had been out of school for a month and I was kept busy with him and the baby at home.

I have no choice but to admit that I have to realign my priorities for this year. I hardly bought new supplies and hardly scrapped. I only altered some frames bought from the thrift store for Teacher’s Day and these are probably what I have to share for now. Much as I would like to get back some me-time, I think physically I need more rest as long as I am continuing to nurse. A3 sleeps through most nights but paranoid me continues to wake up once every night to express for fear of milk supply dropping. I also want to read more and pursue my photography interest further…

I still hope to share and I am planning to move my blog to a personal website by year end if possible and am still thinking if I should continue to seperate my photography and scrapping interests on seperate blogs. But in the meantime, I can only plan and think about it till the situation at home improves.

Keep me in your prayers and do come back for updates. I will try to update whenever possible.

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