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9 Months

Just to share my current ongoing project…a pregnancy journal documenting the 9 months of journey with my little A3. When I had the elder two, I was not keen on scrapping at all. I was working and busy climbing the corporate ladder, meeting career goals and trying to juggle a family life with kids as the same time. Life slowed down a lot only when we moved to Shanghai and that was when I picked up this hobby…

It’s amazing how a slower pace of life changes a person. I used to be very practical, unwilling to spend on anything that is of little practical use but now as I look back, scrapping not only provides an outlet from the mundane everyday life revolving around kids, it also helps me in documenting my blessings and feelings along the way, much of which we forget as we get caught up in life pursuits again (and in my case, my domestic responsibilities)

And from scrapping, I moved onto photography to capture every precious moment with the kids. I am so eager to embark on this newfound interest but many times, the guilt creeps in when I get totally engrossed in spending too much time on my interests and Adah’s grades at school take a tumble. Then, just as I thought I can spend more time on scrapping and photography after somewhat finding a balance to domestic chores and motherly duties, I am now heavy with Baby A3 and soon we can expect more changes in our lives before we settle back into a routine again.

But for now, I just remind myself to slow down, enjoy every bit of this journey with baby and the kids, enjoy my interests instead of meeting datelines for DTs or classes or challenges and I find myself cherishing my moments with the kids and my hobbies more…

So presenting my yet- to- be- completed (but-hopefully-soon-and already-zuttered-waiting-to-be-bound-up) journal album.

Some close-ups

Thank you for continually coming in to read my posts and check on my progress. I am grateful for all the comments left behind and kind words when I meet some of you in person at the store. It used to irk me whenever I am an ardent blog follower of someone and he/she goes missing for ages and don’t update but now I am one of those! Lols!!!! I am hoping to prepare some more layouts and a canvas for baby’s full month and hopefully baby’s first year album in advance, leaving only the photos to be added in. But that could be a bit too ambitious ya?


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