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Shanghai Days Diary Part 1

I decided to do up a diary to remember our Shanghai days by. One page for every month that we are here. Time really flies! Its one album completed, so that means we have been here 12 months, a year already. So much experiences, some not worth mentioning (being pickpocketed, taken for long rides, cheated), some unforgettable (typhoons, monsoons, SNOW, hot summer days!), new friends made and settling as a cozy family of four finally without ‘unnecessary external’ influences from people around us.

That said, I think Singapore is still the best! We miss Singapore, at least I am quite sure Adah and I miss a lot! We are Singapore, we are Singapore, Singaporeans!!!


Oh Boy!

Did I ever mention that I got to know this talented lady Claudia who takes fantastic pictures as well? Maybe I am just so lousy at photography, she just impresses me with all the angles and interesting subjects/ poses she and her husband can take with that camera of theirs with the long lens and all…

Anyway, these were pictures taken of Asher at Lily’s house during the mooncake festival gathering we had here before Claudia packed up for Beijing. I didn’t even know that there was a shot of me hugging Asher and kissing him so tight!!! I had cropped away my fat arms! Ha ha ha! And I love all the pictures of Asher that they took that I wanted to scrap everything. Asher was in a good mood cos’ he had his nap before Papa brought him over. He’s usually an afternoon boy, not the morning type anyway.

So I had everything squeezed in, ran out of ideas for embellishments, decided to cut up my Fancy Pants paper and layer those cutsie pictures. And I found that rub on quote that just ties in with my ‘Frog Prince’ theme! It reads: A boy is truth with dirt on his face, beauty with a cut on its finger, wisdom with bubble gum in its hair, and hope of the future with a frog in its pocket. Alan Marshall Beck.


Pink Sketches Sketch #14


This layout was inspired by Pink Sketeches Sketch #14. I love this sketch cos’ it so simple to piece together, yet looks elaborate and incorporates flourishes as a a key embellishment. (My favourite currently, a pity I can’t get any chipboard type flourishes from here.)

Anyway, one of the challenges that I face in scrapping is stamping and embellishing gone wrong. Given the limited supplies I have here, I have to be really innovative about pieceing together stuff for challenge sketches. I wanted to use flourishes chipboard but I ended up using my stamps to create the look. Then I couldn’t find a suitable ink color. (And the new ones I have ordered were still not here, thanks to an over zealous receptionist here which is another long story). Anyway, I ended up using the crystals and faux pearls to cover up the stamping mistake and the end result turned out so ‘bling’.

Also, the little blue owl at the bottom, was a decorative piece for Adah’s croc shoes which got pried out of its attachment by Asher. Love the ribbons that I have used, my best buys from the ribbon market here and there was no place for more journalling, so I had hidden journalling behind the pictures that I have attached on with a brad.

Sophia - December 3, 2008 - 2:27 am

Hey Adeline,

I think this layout is great!!! It gives me the “Let it snow, let it snow let it snow” vibes here! I think it’s a job well done!

hey, email me @ k? I’ve got something for ya!

Weekly Sketch Challenge #26 for Creative Scrappers & Scrappin Kids Challenge #14

I came up with this for Creative SCrappers Weekly Sketch Challenge #26. When I first started, I wanted to follow closely to the sketch design. I had a floral concept, butterflies, layering and all. But I found these running pictures of the two monsters, and I really want to scrap them. I still tried to stick to the original theme that I had in mind, but maybe use more browns, blues and greens since these colors are more neutral.

Well, in the end, as I played around with ideas, the layout turned out the way it is. No flowers, no fluttering butterflies, no flourishes…Probably will try again my floral theme with some other pictures. I really like this sketch design for multiple pictures.

These are my favourite pictures of the two monsters at play. I dun have a ‘professional’ type of camera, just a regular digital camera- Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX07 that hubby bought for me as a gift before we flew over to Shanghai. (Lookign back, it must be a bribe!) Given its speed, I was so happy when I managed to get these 3 pictures in the midst of pacifying Adah and then telling Asher off. I was trying to get them to pose lovingly for the camera when the jostling started over a bowl of apples.

Anyway, I decided to submit this layout for Scrappin Kids Challenge #14 as well, cos this layout is really just about what these two monsters are about most times. Loving and ‘killing’ each other! I had journalled on both sides of the strips of paper but attached Asher’s facing up. They read as follows:

1) Eye that Apple
2) Push Adah away.
3) She’s down but still no apple!

Adah’s (on the back)
1) I have an apple, not Didi
2) Didi wants my apple, RESIST!
3) I’m down but I still have my apple. Ha ha ha!

Sophia - November 23, 2008 - 12:06 am

LOL! That’s such a fun LO to boot!!! The journalling is really cute!!

Mini Album- A Teacher’s Diary

Adah was blessed to have a very wonderful English teacher in K1. I have not met such a dedicated, patient and loving teacher and I am quite sure the other parents who knows her will think so too. Unfortunately, she only taught Adah for one month before health reasons and personal issues led to her resignation.

I put together this mini album for her. I was so touched when she made cards for each and every child in her class. She made sure she had photos taken with all of them and they all had a copy to keep to. I had named it ‘ A teacher’s diary’ and left some pages empty so that she could put in her own memorable photos. With no photos, it can be really difficult to create something out of nothing.

Sophia - November 23, 2008 - 12:05 am

That’s such a beautiful mini album Adeline!!

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