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Another long time friend

This is for another long time girlfriend. I have known her since we were 13 years old. That’s more than half our age! In between those years after secondary school, we drifted apart as we went to different colleges, universities and chose different career paths. But we do try to meet up every few months and I think its our similar life experiences that pulled us together again. I recall her confiding her relationship issues occasionally.

Thank God for MSN now cos’ we chat almost everyday about our babies, families and experiences. I had the opportunity to do these layouts and pass them to her when she visited Shanghai recently with her hubby. Her baby is too cute and I can’t decide which photos to choose, so I took the nicest and scrapped them.

kohpeganz - November 17, 2008 - 11:36 am

i really enjoyed all the scrapbooks you have shown me. I feel you put quite a fair of thought before you start on one. And I tell you, this thought is the most touching part of the whole scrapbook process. Yupe, her baby very cute and sweet. Like a little doll. haha

Anonymous - November 19, 2008 - 3:14 pm

like i said in msn, really tot u matured alot since school times , so much advice to seek from you u know abt $^%&&^*@#@!$ (u know what is it). nice arts and narrating :)

and to kohpeganz , thank you for the sweet words abt my bb, she is not little dollat all, she is a big monster!

Hayn Nie’s mommy

The Child in a Diva

This is for my girlfriend whom I have known for 14 years, since college. She had been there all these years for me, especially during our uni days when she was my roomie as well. We had jogged at midnight through the campus together, grilled nuggets in that small toaster oven we shared and drank ourselves silly on New Year’s day celebration, went to midnight movies and clubbing together then. Most importantly, she was there listening and comforting me when I had my heart broken.

She’s one mixed up lady. Sophistication meets kiddish-ness, that’s her. (I refused to use childish ness cos she’s not immature). She’s into clubbing and bellydancing and she likes My Melody cartoon character and those olympic mascots. Call her smart but she’s equally blur. I used to hate the way she studied, with music blasting away, reading magazines while we are mugging away. She sleeps by 12 and wakes up at 8, whereas Lixin and I would be brewing coffee to stay awake till the wee hours, cramming in those lecture notes. Yet she scored and graduated with 2nd Upper honors. But she can get so forgetful and careless at times too, losing her camera, ipod and mobile once too often.

This is for you, my friend, who has always been there for me. Over the years, lifestyle changes has caused us to meet up and communicate less often, but whenever we meet, we still have loads to share and giggle about. And between us, we know we will still be there for each other when the need arises.

kohpeganz - November 17, 2008 - 11:13 am

thank you, you are always close to my heart.

Innocence for The Story Matters

This is the layout for The Story Matters.

I got to know this talented lady, Claudia through Linh. She’s really artistic, photographs well, paints well, design cards well, scraps well and her works are just so nice!!! Claudia and her husband got together to take some pictures of Adah and her best friend, Lily. This was captured of them at play, making funny faces at each other.

The two girls are the best of friends and the worst of enemies. They can be playing so well and chatting with each other like long lost sisters this second and suddenly turn into nasty little girls tearing each other’s hair out the next!

kohpeganz - November 10, 2008 - 11:44 am

nice! liked your post on how you arrive at finalising a design for each scrapbook.

it’s like gaining insight into your thought process.

Penny Smith - November 11, 2008 - 3:31 am

Wonderful layout!! You should DEFINITELY keep up with the challenges!! :)


This is a hobby I took up to pen down and capture the special moments of my little one. Truth is, I was worried that I would be bored to death in Shanghai. We had tagged along with Daddy when he was posted to Shanghai to work and I was committed to the two young monkeys full time. But with no me-time and no friends and family, in a foreign new land, it is scary and daunting and I had to do something to keep my sanity. So armed with my precious English books and magazines, and my scrapbooking stash, I arrived in Shanghai a year ago. And it wasn’t until 6 months ago before I really took the plunge in cos’ we were finally more settled in then!
My thoughts about scrapbooking- each work is really like a piece of literature. You have to try to understand the meaning behind the artist’s work and journaling. It reminds of those secondary school days when we were trying to understand Rebecca, Merchant of Venice and Little Stories of Singapore… …Sometimes it is not too difficult, sometimes a picture speaks for itself and sometimes your opinions beg to differ… …
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