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Down and out

I started teaching my new class at Made With Love 2 weeks ago during the September holidays. I was looking forward to it after a long break from teaching and meeting new faces. It was a simple 3 layout class with lots of interactive elements on each layout and I had intentionally minimise the use of mediums and fussy cutting because I knew I would not be up to the standing and demonstrations for a long stretch…

But after the first lesson on Monday, I came down with flu the next day. I practically slept out the whole of Tuesday and ended up going to class on Saturday with a blocked nose! I sounded so nasal that I wondered how the class could understand me? I was so thankful that it was the September holidays and the hubster had taken leave to spend some time with the kids, otherwise I do not think I would have recovered in time.

Then the last class I had was last Saturday. I stood for the whole of 3.5 hours, hardly sitting down until towards the end when some of the faster scrappers left. And my back was hurting with a spilting pain all the way to the bum! I barely made the drive back to the swimming pool near my place to pick up the hubster and kids who were at their swimming class because I do not think I can walk any further from the multi storey carpark back to our flat. And I had to rest out the whole of Sunday thereafter because I could hardly sit or stand straight…

So no layout to share, nothing completed, just this little bit of ranting and sharing about my SB class…I am now convinced that the October class will be my last, given my stamina and state of pregnancy. Just to clarify, I am not a physically weak kind of person…I worked till the day before I delivered my first in a hectic banking environment. I resigned only 2 months before my second was due and was still carrying and rocking the older girl to sleep the day I delivered my second and even now with the third, I am driving around 4 hours a day to send the kiddos to school, walking to and fro the carpark which is some distance away and handling all the household errands and grocery shopping still…I think its just age. I hate to admit it but I am getting old ;-(

shaggyfish - September 20, 2011 - 4:27 pm

i think you dont be so hard on yourself… take a break!! seriously sometimes im not pregnant, and i stood there for 3-3.5hrs class also i felt like… my legs are damn damn going to break!!! and to think of I’m a teacher myself… is really not easy!
take care ya…. and relax… !!!

Hilda - September 24, 2011 - 9:30 pm

Hi Adeline, I fully agree with Pooi. Having to care for the older 2 while pregnant with the 3rd is very demanding physically and quite different from the situations you went through with the earlier pregnancies. I can relate to how you are feeling now and I’m only 5 months with this 3rd pregnancy. :(

Teachers’ Day Gifts

Just a quick one to pop in and say ‘hi’ and share the handmade mini albums/ notebooks that I have made for the kids’ teachers for Teachers’ Day! And that was what I had been busy with every weekend for the last two months. I know I am not a fast scrapper so I had started early and I managed to complete just in time…phew…looks like I have to start my Christmas pressies early too!!!!

I got the kids to stamp on some kraft tags, color the images and write out their messages to their teachers and inserted them into the notebooks. After all, they had to participate somehow right? Lol!

Now that I am hooked onto making albums, I am starting on a small project of my own to create a pregnancy journal to record my thoughts during this period. I must say this pregnancy is a roller coaster ride with stress from coaching a child in primary school and spending time with my little boy who has been the baby for the last 4.5 years!

I will be doing 4 classes this month on BoBunny’S Et cetra collection before I go into seclusion for a while to await baby’s arrival and attend to the kiddos thereafter, so hope to see some of you there and say ‘bye’ for a while…

Genevive - September 7, 2011 - 6:45 pm

i want to grab one! hehehe

Class Sneaks For September 2011

Here am I, blogging and killing time as I await the results of our Presidential Election. Singaporeans got to vote twice this year, once for the Government Election earlier on and now for the President…

I promised my LSS that I will do another class before I go on sabbatical leave in preparation for the arrival of Baby A3. And I am so thankful that I managed to rush out the class samples over the last few days. I had been wanting to do another canvas class but given the timeline and my bulging tummy (it’s really difficult to bend and squat and clear up mediums now! You get the picture? Lol!), I decided to do a layouts class instead.

And in the midst of brainstorming for ideas, I decided to create something interactive. You know I always like to personalise my layouts, be it with a small touch of mediums, stitching or something handmade. But scrapping to me is about preserving memories and most importantly, journalling down my thoughts so that I will not forget those precious moments in time. So, I wanted something interactive where I can hide more photos that speak of the moments and write down my innermost feelings.

And I ended up with 3 layouts, of which one even contains a simple mini album!I chose to use Bo Bunny’s latest collection- Et Cetra. At first I felt the papers were too vintage looking and rich in earth tones, but as I played along, I am surprised at how versatile they can be! Here’s sharing some of the sneaks…

Layout 1 contains a hidden mini album that can hold up to another 9 pages of small photos or journalling…

Layout 2 comprises of a slider which can slide out to reveal your secret journalling…

Layout 3 is made up of a card that unfolds to more pictures or words…

I had fun creating this and for the ladies who have attended my previous classes, you probably know by now that this scrapper practically leaves no embellishment or paper un-used! So you get enough to embellish and create all your layouts and mini album! Hope to see you around before I ‘disappear’ for a long time…


Mama’s Little Boy

Woo hoo!!!! I’m on a high after completing the following layout. This month has been really busy, busy, busy! I have been rushing to complete Teacher’s Day gifts, class samples for next month,craft masks for Adah’s class performance and getting stuff ready for Baby A3!

The following layout was completed in 2 hours and I hardly get even a minute to myself these days, so I was so pleased and satisfied after completing this layout! It’s simpler than my usual fussy cutting style, but still layered…These days, I am adopting a look which I think is more neatly layered but yet includes little touches of experimenting like the stitching, stamping or adding of mediums to my work. I guess it has to do with my schedule and the rest that I need more these days. It’s really just scrap-stick-go for me these days…(I am not whining but I expect it may just get worse when A3 is here, so I am definitely cherishing my little pockets of freedom!Lol!)

I took the following sketch from Pencil Lines Sketch #250. I still love banners and they just brighten up any page! The pictures of Asher were taken in an underground train station in Hongkong. Love how the patterns on the MME’s Line and Dandy Paper match the mosaic tiles in the background!

I had cut out two circles, and stitched around the border with brown DMC thread from Daiso. I do not have any circle cutters so they had to be drawn with a compass and cut out. I also handstitched the stitches randomly, but this time, I used a needle to poke the threading holes first.

I couldn’t resist getting the embellishments from this collection. They are just too cute, bright and cheerful!

Thanks for coming by my humble blog! Have a great week ahead!

Sandy Ang - August 29, 2011 - 8:59 am

this is such a beautiful layout. and completed in 2 hours – you must be a fast scrapper. Love it if you’d link up to my boy themed challenge here

August Challenge at Made With Love

It’s my turn to host the DT challenge over at Made With Love this week and I have decided to set a recipe challenge for our local scrappers. We often visit sketch sites or have scraplift challenges. A recipe challenge is basically the same as any other challlenge except that there are various ‘ingredients’ within the recipe that the scarpper must fulfill to meet the challenge criteria. So, I have named my challenge as the 1-2-3-4 recipe challenge!

You need to have all of the following ‘ingredients’ on your layout.

1 medium (of any kind, paint, inks, mists. In my layout, I painted gold mica flakes on the MF frame and used Versamagic Brown ink over the mask)

2 photos

3 ribbons (Ribbons of any form, tulle, lace, velvet, satin, etc. Ok…and I cheated here, I used the same lace ribbon twice, one for the border and one for the top but there’s no restriction on this, right? Lol ;-P )

4 embellishments

5 words or more on your layout (You can use this in your title too!)

This is the layout that I have came up with for the challenge, titled,’Gentle Reminders’. Lately, I have been yelling at my girl a lot. Not just ‘a lot’ but ‘A LOT’! Some days, I seriously dunno how to handle her anymore with her rebellion and stubborness and retorts. I have tried time-outs, no tv, scolding and even spanking once or twice but still she remains unchanged. I dunno how to control myself and it’s really bad for baby A3, I know…so I just have to scrap a gentle reminder to myself to learn to be tolerant and patient and loving though sometimes I feel like yanking someone’s head off!

Close-ups. The frame painted with gold mica flakes and the Prima crystal that I added onto the tulle ribbon.

Love those rub-ons from Kaiser Craft. I got like almost the entire set. Talk about de-stashing…sighs…

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